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3X Training Sessions
Three days, with 3 hours of content from Fred + Me, each day.

This is for the Online Entrepreneur who really wants to use an effective way to bring in the right clients, which will help you scale to that next level…

Q&A Sessions
Each day, we'll answer questions to ensure that you have clarity for your business.

Some really cool extra bonuses to help you implement (content from my higher level program)

Inside, I'm going to share with you...

Get it for $7 today

Discover How To Craft Perfect “Message To Market Match” & Create Offers That Attract Your Ideal Clients Without Having To Guess… Using The Levels of Consciousness

This powerful strategy allows you to craft highly-targeted ads, emails, sales pages, and marketing messaging to capture your ideal prospects, build thriving audiences and a scalable, long-term business.

A  F R E E  G U I D E  C R E A T E D  F O R  E N T R E P R E N E U R S

A  F R E E  G U I D E  C R E A T E D
F O R  E N T R E P R E N E U R S

Who Is Scott Oldford?


After nearly 20 years of entrepreneurship, I’ve been there and done that… I’ve scaled over a dozen business past 7-figures. I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs do the same. I’ve been featured on TIME, Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, Business Insider, MSNBC, etc. which has allowed me to reach millions of entrepreneurs to help grow their businesses.


Inside this FREE Guide Your Going to Learn:

The Four Levels of Consciousness (& HOW They Impact Your Marketing—while at the same time determining how FAR and how FAST you progress)

Why “funnel hacking” what everyone else is doing online is likely to get you the worst type of customers

How to create funnels, ads, emails, landing pages that are aligned with you and attract the kind of people you want to work with (sometimes it means not using a funnel at all)

How to tailor your marketing to capture ultra-high-ticket clients - I do this to sell 50-100k+ programs without sales calls (and I'll show you how)

Should you do a 5-day Challenge, step-by-step guide, case studies, cheatsheets, templates, webinars or VSLs? It depends on which “Level” of client you want to target. I’ll give you a full breakdown on which marketing medium attracts which level so you can maximize your results.

How to use the 4 Levels of Consciousness to get better results with paid ads (it’s not as simple as “just put an ad out”–here’s a better way to look at ads, no one else is doing)

If you want your content to resonate with your ideal clients, you first need to understand your own “LoC” which will allow you to communicate at their level and create transformation. Here’s how to do that…

Everyone is selling a different way to “sell” and get clients. Which way is right for you? It can get confusing. What’s more important is what is right for you and WHEN. This will show you when to use the right strategies to get the best, scalable results.

How to use the power of human behavior and consciousness can help you scale your businesses...

…and much more in this deep dive to help you scale a profitable, fulfilling business.


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