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Discover how the power of human behaviour and consciousness can help us scale our businesses, find our best customers, and create marketing that just “works” and sales that close themselves…

If you’re an Online Entrepreneur, I know you’ve been taught a lot of “things” for attracting new clients to your business… 

All in the hopes of being able to build and scale your business...

Things such as:

Marketing Funnels…

Content Marketing…

Sale Pages (like this one!) 


Customer Lifecycle Journeys…

Email Marketing…

Selling via the Phone (or text)...

If you give me just a few minutes, I will share with you what at first I felt was perhaps the closest thing to real life “magic”...

One of the keys to doing so? Marketing and Sales

I’ve built frameworks...
Sold books (over 50,000 now)...
Ran workshops…
My content on this has been seen by millions…
And it’s been translated into multiple languages…

If we don't know each other, I’m Scott, and after being an Entrepreneur for most of my life, I’ve mentored 100’s of Entrepreneurs past 7-figures.

Yet… what I’m about to share with you is the MOST powerful element of marketing and sales I’ve ever stumbled across…

For example…

Have you ever read your sales page and said… 
This just doesn’t feel right?

Have you been on a sales call and inside you know not to try to create a sense of scarcity… and you do anyway… and you still don’t close the sale?

Do you run ads and you 
almost always bring in the wrong fit people to your applications, sales calls, or webinars?

Speaking of webinars… Do you 
host a webinar and feel like it’s just not “you” or that it won’t attract your ideal customer?

Further… do you see your customers and while you might never say it, 
you just don’t feel aligned with them? It’s as if you’re bringing the wrong people to the table…

W H O  A M  I  T O  S H A R E
T H I S  W I T H   Y O U?

I’ve helped a lot of Entrepreneurs online scale.

I’m talking 1000’s.

People come to me when they want to get clarity and focus and a strategy that will actually work. Not just for the business, but for their life.

Because it’s not just about revenue and profit. It’s about enjoying the business and your life as well.

My mentorship and what I teach is embodied not in a one-size-fits-all, rather, an integrative approach of frameworks, methods and modalities that shape are who you are and your strengths and gifts.

Outside of being an Entrepreneur and Mentor, I’m an advisor and investor in a variety of companies in all niches that are related to the expansion of consciousness.


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The truth is… if you’re good at marketing and sales… the rest of building a business is certainly a lot easier.

It was 2018 in Venice Beach, California…

One day, I stumbled across a book by my now friend, Frederick Dodson.

It was called Levels of Energy.

At the time, I didn’t know why I loved the book. 

However, I quickly understood that what he wrote about started to make me understand observations I had about life (and in many ways business). 

I reached out to Frederick and over the next few years, he was a mentor to me. 

During this time, I was having a fairly intensive spiritual awakening, all while running an 8-figure business from my home.

I’ve found in my life, whenever I upgrade in one area, all other areas upgrade.

While I was using Frederick’s frameworks (along with many others) to understand the mind, consciousness and how we behave as humans…

unlocked an entirely new level for my marketing and sales…

It felt a little bit like magic.

Since then, I’ve read book after book, studied with those whose entire lives have been dedicated to this work, and more importantly implemented it inside of my business and in the businesses of the people I’ve mentored.

The results of combining the understanding of how human beings' minds work, had an outstanding impact on the success of marketing and sales.

I’m not talking about an A/B split increase.
I’m talking about 

the largest results I’ve seen in my entire life as an Entrepreneur.

I’ve built frameworks...
Sold books (over 50,000 now)...
Ran workshops…
My content on this has been seen by millions…
And it’s been translated into multiple languages…

I remember clearly the first 1-on-1 client that I started using this with… Her biggest launch before was $80,000.

Using this “magic” (I don’t have a better word for it) she had her first $500K launch.

This isn’t some “secret.” This is purely using the understanding of how our universe works and applying it to help others realize they need to work with you… and I want to teach this to you.

What is “this” exactly?

To help you understand, here's a video explaining what “Levels of Consciousness” is on a high-level…

Reactive -  Willful - Intellectual - Intuitive

Inside of business there are 4 core levels of Consciousness.

This work allows you to understand whom to sell to, how to sell to them, what graphics to use, what motivates someone and truly gives you the keys to the kingdom for marketing and sales.

Simply put, all day, everyday we’re transitioning from various levels inside of these 4 core categories.

What happens if we wake up late in the morning? Perhaps we aren’t grounded and find ourselves in reactive consciousness.

Perhaps, we’ve spent an hour meditating and truly feel our inner-self and are able to activate that intuitive nature.

While one level isn’t better than another, each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages for running our life.

In almost all marketing and sales in our society, the job is to bring someone into a reactive consciousness-- doing this allows for pain to be resolved with reaction. The problem is, unless you're purely selling widgets (maybe, like toothpaste), this doesn’t work and generally can feel unethical.

It’s likely that you’ve observed this; however, you’ve never been able to point your finger at it and say… “that’s it!” until now… 

See, with the understanding of the “Levels of Consciousness for Marketing & Sales” it’s easy to know exactly what you should do in every part of your marketing and sales…

I’m talking about your sale pages, your ads, your webinar, your sale calls, your website-- everything.

If you know your customer is intellectual… you should never use a timer on your page. 

If you know your customer is intuitive… it doesn’t matter how many case studies there are or price discounts you give,
 it won’t matter. 

If your customer is reactive… it doesn’t matter 
how much return on investment there will be because that’s not what motivates them.

All of us operate in a primary level of consciousness on a daily basis and so do your customers.

Our job is to figure out who we’re looking to work with and then optimize every part of our marketing & sales ecosystem for this…

For years I've helped 1000's of Entrepreneurs use effective methods of scaling an Online Business.

This changes everything. 

You don’t need as many leads, because more people convert more quickly.

You feel connected to your customers and are able to get more results with those customers.

You increase the lifetime value of customers as you stop doing things that turn them away; instead they buy from you again-and-again.

You feel aligned inside of your marketing and sales because it doesn’t feel like you have to “sell out” to have success. 

You don’t need as many leads, because more people convert more quickly.

You feel connected to your customers and are able to get more results with those customers.

You increase the lifetime value of customers as you stop doing things that turn them away; instead they buy from you again-and-again.

You feel empowered inside of your business because you truly understand why humans behave the way they do. 

You don't have refunds, people refer others, and on top of it all, it allows for greater harmony on a day-to-day basis. 

And the benefits of using this? Massive…

Of everything I’ve ever learned in my Entrepreneurial career, I truly believe this is the most important thing to implement into your business.

The thing is… while I’m really good at building and scaling businesses, I’m really not an expert at consciousness…

I remember the first time I implemented this…

It caused my most profitable launch, with the least I’ve ever spent on ads and the most fun I ever had.

Ever since then, I’ve mostly kept this hidden from “plain sight,” using it with those who pay me for 1-on-1 help or the businesses where I’m an advisor & investor.

I truly believe that it takes time to understand how to use something enough to teach it to others.

However, I can’t keep this contained for much longer.

It’s been 3 years in the making, and I'm excited to share this with you.

I believe integrity in what we teach and help others with is critical, which is why Frederick Dodson, who's now spent 30 years researching and teaching this stuff will be sharing how this stuff works with you.

He’s written over 40 books, translated into over a dozen languages and spends all day long helping others with this work, and 
he’s going to be helping you level up your business and scale it with me.


Across 3 days, I’m going to share with you this powerful methodology for leveling up your marketing and sales and empowering you to implement this “magic” into your business.

3X Training Sessions
Three days, with 3 hours of content from Fred + Me, each day.

This is for the Online Entrepreneur who really wants to use an effective way to bring in the right clients, which will help you scale to that next level…

Q&A Sessions
Each day, we'll answer questions to ensure that you have clarity for your business.

Some really cool extra bonuses to help you implement (content from my higher level program)


To help you, here’s what I’m including…

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